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Moose Riders

Help Us Start A Moose Riders Group

At this time, Sandwich Moose Lodge does not have an active Moose Riders group. However, we are looking to organize one this coming spring (Spring 2024). If you are a Moose member and are interested in participating in the Sandwich Moose Riders group, leave your information in the form below. Someone will contact you shortly. 

You don’t have to own a motorcycle to join!

Who are the Moose Riders?

The Moose Riders are the motorcycle riding activity groups that are organized under the Lodges and State/Provincial Associations overseen by Moose International.

The Moose Rider program is one of the fastest growing, most visible and active programs of the Moose Fraternity. Moose Riders are linked into a nationwide  network of over 1,600 Moose Lodges in the North American Continent and are an activity group of the 1 million men and women of the Moose.

What do Moose Riders do?

Moose Riders raise funds for Moose Charities, local and national charities and volunteer for community service.

Also, Moose Riders RIDE!

Moose Riders participate in pledge runs, parades, rallies, overnight rides and hold our own events. The Moose Riders help to sponsor and organize the annual Blessing of the Bikes held on the Mooseheart campus, raising funds for the children of Mooseheart and other worthy children’s charities as well as raising funds for our seniors at Moosehaven.

Moose Riders also support riding safety programs.

Who can become a Moose Rider?

Any member of the Loyal Order of Moose or Women of the Moose can join. The Moose Rider Activity Groups have the distinction of being a Moose activity that welcomes both men and women to serve as Officers. Moose members don’t have to own a motorcycle to join either. There are plenty of opportunities for any Moose member in good standing to plan, support and volunteer for Moose Rider events.

Can I Get More Information?


You can complete the form above. Someone will contact you shortly to answer your questions. 

Or you can visit the Moose Riders website by clicking here.