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Volunteer Opportunities

Our Lodge thrives on the contributions of its volunteers. If you’re so inclined to contribute to our Lodge (whether on a periodic basis or on a more significant basis), let us know below. Your information will be shared with the Administrator, Board, and Volunteer Coordinator ONLY!

Thank you for your interest in helping us make Sandwich Moose Lodge the best it can be!

April/May 2024 Events:

Euchre Tournament (Sunday, 4/21):  setup; during event (cooking); cleanup.

Moose International Bowling Tournament (Friday/Saturday, 4/27-28): setup; during event (greeters, raffles, garbage,  etc.); cleanup.

Summer Kickoff Party (outside 5/18): setup; during event (raffles, garbage, resupply, etc.); cleanup

Let us know below how you’d like to help!